Cardinal Capital Partners and MindHealth BioMed Receives CSE
Conditional Listing Approval

Toronto, Ontario– – Cardinal Capital Partners Inc. (the “Company” or “Cardinal”) and MindHealth Biomed Corp. (“MindHealth”, and together with Cardinal, the “Parties”) are pleased to announce that they have received conditional approval from the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”) for listing of the common shares of the Company (the “Common Shares”) following the completion of the reverse takeover transaction (the “Transaction”) with Cardinal. Completion of the Transaction is subject to the satisfaction or waiver of conditions typical for a transaction of this nature. Listing on the CSE is subject to
completion of the Transaction the filing of standard documentation with the CSE.

It is expected that Cardinal will be re-named “Psyence Group Inc.” following the Transaction. For more details about the Transaction, see Cardinal’s news release dated September 14, 2020. Psyence Group Inc. intends to be a global platform for business and innovation leading the way in naturally derived psychedelic therapy and the development and commercialization of related technologies and products. The Parties are also pleased to advise that Cardinal and MindHealth shareholders voted 100% in favour of the Transaction in their respective Shareholder Meetings.

About Psyence Group

The Psyence Group intends to set the global standard for natural psychedelics. The executive team have international experience in the business of science-and medicine and include global experts in neurology, neuroscience and drug development. Psyence has built and operates one of the first federally licensed commercial psilocybin cultivation and production facilities. Psyence are pioneering the use of natural psilocybin for the long-term treatment of psychological trauma and its mental health consequences. The Psyence Group have a global footprint operating across multiple legal jurisdictions, through the advanced
provision of psychedelic therapy and experience, as well as market leading functional mushroom brands and product portfolio.

Psyence Contact Information

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