Psyence Team

International Expertise in the Business of Medicine and Science

Our Team

JODY AUFRICHTIG | Psyence | Psilocybin

Jody Aufrichtig

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and Director

Dr. Amza Ali, M.D. | Group Medical Advisor | Psyence

Dr. Amza Ali

Chief Medical Officer and Director

NEIL MARESKY | Psyence | CEO | Psilocybin

Dr. Neil Maresky

Chief Executive Officer

TONY BUDDEN | Psyence | Psilocybin

Tony Budden

Chief Strategy Officer

Neil Van Rij - Psyence - Mycologist

Neil Van Rij


JUSTIN_GRANT | Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Justin Grant

Chief Scientific Officer

TARYN VOS | Psyence Group

Taryn Vos

General Counsel


Warwick Corden-Lloyd

Chief Financial Officer

ALAN FREIDMAN | Psyence Group

Alan Friedman

Capital Markets Advisor and Director

XAN MORGAN | Psyence Group

Xan Morgan

European Director and Advisory Board Member

Gavin Basserabie | Psyence Group

Gavin Basserabie

Independent Director

Our Team

Mary-Elizabeth Gifford

EVP, Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility

Marvin Singer | Psyence Group

Marvin Singer

Independent Director


Dr. Clive Ward-Able

Medical Director

Our Team

Jean-Mari Conradie

Quality Assurance Manager