Psyence Group is advancing the extraordinary therapeutic potential of natural psilocybin

Proactive sat down with CEO Aufrichtig, a trained chartered accountant, to learn more about the Psyence Group’s clear path to revenue and value creation.

Serial entrepreneur Jody Aufrichtig has built 19 businesses in cannabis, private equity, travel and tourism, and other industries. Remarkably, Aufrichtig has never lost money in the businesses he has curated. Still, the impact investor is clear about what really drives him forward.

“I am passionate about Psyence because I believe we can make a significant impact on mental health and well-being for millions of people. We can no longer ignore the significant evidence that natural plant-based medicines are making to improve the quality of life, and I am excited to be leading an excellent team that intends to make great strides in this space’” – Jody Aufrichtig, CEO Psyence

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