The Diaries of a Psychedelic CEO | Episode 1

Hi, I am Jody, the CEO of Psyence.

This is my 19th business and it’s the one that I am most passionate about.

It’s been an exciting four months since we listed Psyence on the CSE January 2021. My team and I have been hard at work since then, perfecting our strategy, commencing operations, product development and making sure that we are hyper focused on what we are trying to achieve.

I don’t believe in generating news for news’ sake to drive up our share price. What I do believe in is open and honest communication with my shareholders. That is why today I am launching “The Diary of a Psychedelic CEO”.

If you are an investor, or anyone for that matter, that is interested in Psyence and what my team and I are up to, then please join me here each week.
My intention is to give you regular updates on what we are doing at Psyence. I intend to communicate the milestones we are meeting and the challenges we may encounter as we build a sustainable business that delivers shareholder value.

I look forward to having you in my office and welcome your feedback. I will gladly respond to any comments or questions you may have. Please send these to

Jody Aufrichtig, Co-founder and CEO, Psyence Group